March 29th, 2017
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Civil & General Litigation

Civil & General Litigation

Having disputes is an occurrence in everyday life, but when legal disputes disrupt your personal life or business, having Montoya Shaffer on your side will bring you security and serenity to your life. When you find that you’ve been aggrieved by physical injury or a business disagreement that can only be resolved by legal means, contact the attorneys at Montoya Shaffer.

What is the Litigation Process?

  • The Plaintiff sues;
  • Defendant Answers and/or brings a countersuit or drags another party in (amongst other actions);
  • Parties commence discovery;
  • Sometimes mediation or alternative dispute resolution;
  • Trial;
  • Appeals.

You will find that you are in good hands as they navigate through the legal system including obtaining your medical files, business records, taking depositions, filing legal documents on your behalf and winning at arbitration and trial.

No matter what legal challenge is ahead, make that first call count and “refuse to lose” by contacting our experienced attorneys at Montoya Shaffer, L.L.C.