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Heroin Vaccine, no cure for what ails addicts

Heroin Vaccine, no cure for what ails addicts

Great story in the LA Times about addiction and how curing the euphoria associated with opiates wont necessarily fix the problem.

For nearly 40 years scientists have been working on vaccines against all kinds of addictions, including nicotine, marijuana and alcohol.
(Illustration by Wes Bausmith / Los Angeles Times / Abril 14, 2012)

Even if it proves effective, it can’t cure the underlying factors that make people prone to drug use, including poverty, violence and lack of opportunity. I am hopeful that we will one day have more effective therapies for the treatment of addiction. But in developing those treatments, we have to understand that for many addicts, the heroin or meth or cocaine or alcohol they abuse is more than an illicit drug. It is also medicine.

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