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Commonwealth v. JF- Justice at Last!

Today is one of the proudest moments for our law firm. Zac Shaffer submitted a brief for a young man who was found guilty of attempted murder and given a sentence of 15-30 years when another law firm represented him. We were hired, won the appeal and were given a new trial. The Commonwealth attempted […]

Commonwealth v. R.I. Motion To Suppress

R.I. was observed by a narcotics officer making a transaction of a small object in exchange for money outside of a store around 12:30 in the morning. Back-up officers were called and they stopped the individual whom R.I. had allegedly served. When said individual was stopped he had marijuana on him. R.I. was stopped by […]

Commonwealth v. M.G. – Delayed Arrest- Not Guilty!

M.G. was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Drugs (PWID Drugs), a felony. Despite having five detainers from previous cases, Mr. Shaffer was able to have them lifted so he could fight the case from the street instead of custody. The Commonwealth alleged the following that eventually led to M.G.’s arrest: On two different […]

Commonwealth v. WR – Eye on the Prize

WR was charged with aggravated assault, possession of an instrument of crime and related crimes. At trial the complainant testified that he went to WR’s work to talk to him after hearing that he had been looking for him around the neighborhood. He further stated that he found WR and spoke for a few minutes […]

Commonwealth v. JF – Superior Judging

After a jury trial by another law firm JF was found guilty of attempted murder and other related charges. Mr. Shaffer was retained to fix the other attorney’s mistakes and filed an appeal alleging multiple issues, but more specifically that evidence of another crime was admitted into evidence that was an abuse of the judge’s […]